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Emerson Christine: Six Weeks Old

Baby Emerson is six weeks old. We had a successful one month checkup with the pediatrician and are growing into such a happy healthy little girl.

We were very fortunate to have family come help us during the first six weeks. My parents arrived on the day she was born and my born and Mom stayed with us for a month. Soon after their departure Nate's parents and brother arrived and his Mom stayed and extra week to help out. We are so grateful our families got to enjoy her first month with us and feel very blessed to have had an extra set of hands during those first few weeks.

Here are Emerson's six weeks stats:


She was 9 pounds and 15 ounces and 22 inches long. She has grown 2 inches since her birth!


I am so excited that Emerson is a healthy baby. She struggled with some acid relax as a newborn but she seems to be pulling through that. She still struggles a bit at night but during the day she is much improved.

Emerson hasn't come down with anything (knock on wood). We have been somewhat crazy new parents in regards to visitors. Everyone must wash their hands and we limit how often she is held by everyone.


Emerson breastfeeds during the day and we give her a bottle at night so we know she gets at least a full four ounces and will hopefully sleep a little longer at night. She nurses about every three hours, expcet at night if we can get a 4-6 hour sleep out of her I won't wake her up to nurse, just feed her when she wakes.


We thought we had the nap schedule down but once she hit week 6 that all changed. She doesn't take as may naps. I may get 30 minutes out of her in the morning if I put her in her swing. And then she is up most of the afternoon, if I'm lucky I can get a few cat naps out of her. Or, if I am extremely lucky I can get two hours of her in the late afternoon. But she is changing so fast it is tough to nail down what her new nap schedule is.

At night, she typically sleeps for 4-5 hours and then wakes to feed. If we are lucky we can get another 3 hours out of her after that but 1-2 is more of the norm.


Snuggling, eating, looking out the window, anything black and white, being read to, music, and walking in my stroller.


Tummy time, being hangry, not being held the "right" way for her mood.


Size 0-3 months and she has even been able to fit in some smaller 3 month onesies.


I am happy to report Emerson isn't much of a crier (double knock on wood again). She only cries a couple times a day and it is no more for a few seconds, typically when she wants picked up or to change positions. We count our lucky stars that she isn't a crier (yet!)!


Smiling, following objects with her eyes, looking at our faces.


I started lightly working out this week. It feels good to try and get back into a new routine and release some of my own stress through working out. I almost feel like my old self, although there are a few testy periods. Let's just say I am so eager for Nate to walk through that door so I can hand of Emerson and get a glass of wine and a few minutes of a break!

Emerson has really stolen our hearts. Each day is different but we really cannot wait to see what it has in store for us and her. Watching her grow and develop has been a true joy, we just wish time would slow down a bit because she is growing too quickly!

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