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Mom Resolutions for 2017

The countdown to Emerson’s first birthday is behind me. All the joy, worry, anxiety, and love with watching your newborn grow into a first-year toddler has past. I took time over the holidays to reflect and appreciate everything we have been through this past year. Now, as we have a fresh year in front of us, with many milestones, wonders, challenges, and firsts to look forward to I am taking time to set my “mom-resolutions” for this next year with Emerson.

So, here is a little list of my parenting resolutions for 2017!

  1. Be present – enjoy all the snuggles and struggles instead of waiting for what’s next

  2. Not compare myself to other parents and other moms – there is only one me and no one is the same

  3. Not compare my daughter to other babies – she is her own unique person with real wants, needs and interests

  4. Take time for myself – even if it is 20 minutes a day the relationship I have with myself bleeds into my relationship with my husband and daughter. If I am not at peace with myself how can I be at peace with them

  5. Appreciate my husband – I got a good one and I want him to feel loved every day

  6. Don’t sweat the small stuff – our challenges are small in comparison to those around the world

  7. Expose my daughter to as much as possible – the sights, sounds and people she experiences now will make her more well-rounded in the future

  8. Be comfortable in my new-mom skin – stop pressuring myself to look a certain way

  9. Be patient – my daughter is experiencing many emotions and learning how to deal with them is overwhelming for such a tiny person. Continue to be patient and know it is okay for her to express how she is feeling

  10. APPRECIATE EACH DAY – each day on this planet with my family is a gift, I should treat it as such

Here's to healthy and happiness in 2017!

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