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A Letter to My Daughter: Our First Year

One year ago, tomorrow, your father and I were no longer a family of two. We had you. From the very first moment I held you in my arms I felt a love I had never known. A deep, all consuming love that I feel in every fiber of my body and soul. For you are my daughter and I am your mother, and I thank God every day for blessing us with your beautiful spirit. You have brought so much joy and love into our lives this past year, and if I could relive it again there is nothing I would change.

I wouldn’t change the tears. I wouldn’t trade in the fears. I wouldn’t take back the sleepless hours. I wouldn’t give back the constant worry. I wouldn’t escape the runny noses, the sniffles, or the fevers. I wouldn’t give up those trying moments, the tantrums or the challenges. For each of these are moments in time where we both learned about each other, both of us growing together and in many ways, you teaching me more than I taught you.

In the next year, I hope we get more giggles, more of the hugs and kisses, more of the “I love yous”, more of the scrunched-up nose you make when laughing, more of the cuddles, more of the hand holding, more of the stories, and more of the bedtime wishes. I’ll take more of the head tosses you do when something is so funny it consumes your whole body, I’ll take more of the slobbery open mouth kisses, more of the morning cuddles and more dancing.

You are growing into a determined, fearless, funny, beautiful, intelligent, strong, persistent, energetic, curious, tough, feisty little girl. Your giggle is undoubtedly the most wonderful sound I’ve ever heard; I could listen to it on repeat for a lifetime.

I hope you always approach life with the same curiosity you do now and I hope you always feel the deep, unconditional love your father and I have for you. As we tackle the next year and many, many more after that, remember you will always be our baby.

I love you my sweetheart!

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