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Bodhi Paul Evans: My Birth Story

We are thrilled to welcome the newest member of our family, Bodhi Paul Evans. Bodhi was eager to join this world, arriving about a week early on Sunday, January 21 at 5:52pm. Our little Bodhi buddy weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces and 20 and ½ inches long. Bodhi was so similar to his sister who weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces and 20 inches at birth!

I had thought Bodhi would arrive a little bit early, but I was unprepared for just how early he had arrived. After enjoying a morning at the California Academy of Sciences with Emerson and some friends, we retreated home for some much-needed naps. Just after I put Emerson down and laid down myself I got the surprise of my water breaking around 1:45pm. We were fortunate that it was a Sunday and our lovely neighbor came and stayed with Emerson until family arrived to watch after her. Nate and I arrived at the hospital around 2:45pm and as we settled into the hospital room and got checked I wasn’t feeling much in way of contractions. My doctor and nurses decided to give me some Pitocin to help speed things along. Once that kicked in around 4pm it didn’t take long and my contractions to start. Things sped along so quickly that my doctor almost didn’t arrive in time. Luckily, I was able to brave through the last few contractions until she arrived and Bodhi was born just a few moments later.

I am so thankful to have had Nate and my mother there with me, encouraging me every step of the way. I am in awe of the female body and everything we can accomplish, and after it is all said and done I am happy with my decision to have a natural labor and forgo an epidural. And lastly, I am grateful for the incredible nurses at Marin General Hospital who supported and coached me through every contraction. I had such a pleasant birthing experience, I am forever indebted.

There is no better joy than holding your newborn child in your arms. Nate and I feel so incredibly fortunate to have not one, but two healthy babies. We will cherish both those experiences for the rest of our lives, and we look forward to all the precious moments that lay ahead for our new expanded family!

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