I was reluctant to start Emerson in daycare/preschool as she had been at home with a nanny since she was 4-months old. But after Bodhi came along it was clear our energetic girl could benefit from more play and organization. When we decided to give it a try we were dab...


This maternity leave was different, more difficult now that I was managing two little souls. I think that is why it makes it harder to return to work, because I am leaving two kids behind. I know I am a better mother when I have balance and work in my life, so I do loo...


I’ve always wanted a big family, so why was it as Bodhi’s due date neared I got more and more anxiety about losing our family of three? I was literally in tears on our way to the hospital, crushed with the guilt that we were going to turn Emerson’s world upside down. I...


My dear sweet Emerson. You were my first little love, because of you I became a mother and you were the first to expose me to that gut wrenching all-consuming type of love. I am so very grateful for you each and every day!

In just your two short years you’ve taught me s...

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