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When Baby Sleeps

Things I do when the baby sleeps? I wish it always included pampering spa treatments like this but truth is I have become quite the multitasker when Emerson sleeps. I always felt like I was pretty good at multitasking before I had a baby, but boy do you realize what you are capable of once that child arrives. These days when Emerson naps I feel somewhat like the roadrunner, leaving nothing but a cloud of dust in my trail as I speed throughout the house trying to get everything done before she wakes up.

The first 4 weeks Emerson slept like a champ, logging at least 2-3 hours naps a couple times of day. I had the help of Granna and Grammy at that time so I used it to nap or clean myself up mostly. Now that I am on my own I use that time to get a plethora of chores done, glamourous right!? At least once a week I say no to chores and allow myself to do something creative like this blog or pamper myself whether that is painting my nails, face masks, or eye masks like this one to help those nagging bags under my eyes. More or less though, here is what it looks like when the Emmy finally goes down for a nap:

1. Sit for five minutes and pray she doesn't wake up

2. Shove food in my mouth

3. Go to the bathroom

4. Put a load of laundry in

5. Wash dishes

6. Collect piles of burp cloths lying around the house and throw them in the laundry

7. Collect piles of baby clothes and blankets along with the two pair of sweats I seem to live in and throw them in the laundry

8. Fold laundry

9. Sterilize the mounds of pacifiers, bottles, and breast pump bottles I seem to accumulate in just a few hours

10. Change over laundry

11. Shove the pacifier back in Emmy's mouth praying she sleeps a little longer

12. Try and remember to drink water

13. Make a caffeinated drink

14. Fold some more laundry

15. Put away dishes

16. Make some tea

17. Drink some water (very important when breastfeeding!)

18. Finally put my feet up and BAM, Emmy wakes up!

I told you, I am a real life Roadrunner, meep meep!

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