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Emerson Christine: Two Months Old

Emerson hit the big two month mark last week. We cannot believe how quickly time is flying by. Her personality, likes and dislikes are starting to come through. It is truly amazing watching her learn and grow each day. We love watching her hit a new milestone every day.

She had a successful two month checkup yesterday and got her first round of shots. She took three shots to the leg; she cried but handled it all like a champ. She doesn’t cry much at all so hearing her cry after the shots was excruciating for me.

Emerson was very lucky to get a visit from her fairy god aunties Becca, Sib and Ally. I was so thrilled to have my best friends out here, having them meet Emerson was so special and I felt so lucky knowing I have friends that would fly across the country for me during this monumental time.

Here are Emerson's two month stats:


She was 11 pounds and 13 ounces and 24inches long. She has grown 2 inches since her birth!


Emerson’s acid reflux has ceased and she is in good health. Emerson still hasn't come down with anything (knock on wood). Given it is the dead of winter and starting to get colder we don’t venture out too much so that likely helps keep her in good health as she isn’t exposed to very much.


Emerson still breastfeeds during the day every 3 hours and we continue to give her a bottle at night before she goes down for bed. At night if we can get a 4-6 hour sleep out of her I won't wake her up to nurse, just feed her when she wakes up naturally which is typically between 3-4am.


Naps time has increased over the last couple of weeks. Our routine is to eat after she wakes, followed by some play time and then story time. If I notice her getting drowsy during story time I will start the process of putting her down for a nap. She has successfully started taking naps in her crib and the wonderful thing is that I don’t have to get her in a full deep sleep before putting her down. I can place her in her crib a little bit drowsy and she has been putting herself down. We hope this continues!

We found she is a fan of Jazz or Classical music. So, we have a little speaker in her crib that I can stream the music to, this comforts her and helps her sleep. We use it both during naps and at night. I suppose the nice thing about this setup is the music puts Nate and I to sleep too. I highly recommend Jazz for Sleep on Spotify for anyone who is having trouble sleeping J


Snuggling, eating, sitting upright on your lap, music, animal noises, being held and walking around the house and looking out the window.


Being hangry, being left alone for too long when she is awake and gas. She never was much of a swaddler but she still does not like it, she likes to have her arms out and moving about.


Size 0-3 months and she has even been able to fit in some smaller 3 month onesies.


Emerson still is not much of a crier (double knock on wood again). She gives you a few whimpers when she is really hungry but that is about it. Although I hate to see her cry she does have the cutest pout when she is about to cry, it melts your heart but is adorable all at the same time.


Smiling more often, starting to coo and squeak (finding her voice!), recognizing faces and voices, able to hold her head up while being held.


My workouts have fallen by the waste side. Even though she is napping more I am so tired that I either get some light chores during that time or lay in the room with her and try to doze. That doesn’t leave too much time for working out. I need to try and get that back into our routine somehow. It is also a huge accomplishment when I put on makeup or do my hair. Typically I rise, brush my teeth, wash my face, and put a fresh pair of clothes on but that is all I seem to get to in the day. Thank goodness it is still cold out so I can wear beanie and hid my haven’t been washed in a week hair and still look presentable!

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