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Organic Skincare: Om Aroma & Co.

I had just turned 30 before I got pregnant and as I entered that new decade I made a vow to take better care of my skin. So when learning I was pregnant I wanted to ensure I used only the purest, safest products on my skin. I was lucky to have good skin during pregnancy; I never experienced breakouts as some first time pregnancies can sometimes cause. I owe part of that to good old luck, but majority of the thanks goes to monthly facials and my Om Aroma & Co. skin products.

I stumbled upon Om Aroma in a Yelp search to find organic facials. My esthetician there recommend a four step process and combo of Om Aroma products. Om's prodcuts are chemical and preservative-free and made from the purest ingredients. A year later and I am still in love with this organic skin cocktail!

Now, four months postpartum my skin has taken a bit of a beating as my hormones settle back into balance. While traveling I was a bit lax with my skincare routine so I am thrilled that my new shipment of Om Aroma products arrived today.

My routine:

Step #1: Champagne Cleanser

Step #2: Toning Mist

Step #3: Pumpkin Seed Renew Serum

Step #4: Truffle Face Cream (I use this in the evening only or when I feel extra dry, the Serum is enough moisture for my skin during the day)

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