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Emerson Christine: Four Month Update

April marked Emerson’s four months and my return to work. It was a bittersweet return to work for me, I looked forward to having our nanny start full time and bring some structure to our lives, but I knew I was going to miss being Emerson’s primary caretaker every day. But I can say after one week in we love the new schedule and arrangement.

Emerson had her four month checkup at the doctor. She is progressing ahead of schedule; the doctor says she acts like a 6 month old baby! She loves to be held in the sitting up position, rolling over, and she even seems to enjoy tummy time now. She is laughing and smiling more, she loves laughing at her dad’s crazy faces and funny voices! She got a round of shots at this checkup; caused some tears but she took it all in stride.

March also marked a fun month of visitors and travel. My sister, brother-in-law and nieces came out to New York and got to see Emerson for the first time. Emerson loved the time with her cousins and mini babysitters! Our nanny watched Emerson several days so I could enjoy sightseeing with the family which was exciting for me. We also traveled out to California at the end of the month and Emerson embarked on her first flight. Being out in California and getting to catch up with friends and family was lovely. We enjoyed the warm weather and all the extra hands to help with Emerson.

Here are Emerson's four month stats:


Emerson weighed in at 14 pounds and 8 ounces. She is tracking in the 50th percentile for weight. She was 25.75 inches, a long lean girl! She ranks in the 75th percentile for her height.


I am happy to report that we have hit month four and not contracted any colds! Emerson has been reasonably healthy; she struggles with congestion sometimes but no colds or flu!


Emerson is still on a breast milk diet and eats about six times a day. Now that I am back to work Emerson breastfeeds during her late night feeding and first thing in the morning. During the day and before bed she gets a bottle. I am thrilled that the doctor gave us the green light to introduce solids. More to come on that next week!


Sleep had been a challenge the last couple weeks. I am not sure if the travel threw her off or if it was a four month sleep regression. Whatever it was Emerson started refusing naps tooth and nail. She would get so over tired she would cry and get super fussy. Our typical soothing tactics did not work. We ended up having to let her cry it out. We’ve been working on sleep this week with our nanny and I am happy to report that we’ve seen an improvement. Emerson is learning to fall asleep on her own. We have been placing her in her crib when we see tired signs, she no longer cries when left in there. Rather, she stares at her mobile and fusses for a few minutes before falling asleep. I’m thankful crying has stopped, that was painful to sit through and developed many tears on my end. Slowly but surely she is getting back on track and learning to respect her time for naps. A schedule is starting to emerge and I am hoping we are in the clear!


Being hangry, gas, being on left on her back for too long.


We’ve moved into the 6 month size range. She can fit in 3-6 month onesies but the pants are too small so she’s navigated to her 6 month drawer of clothes.


Outside of her two week sleep strike, Emerson still is not much of a crier. She only seems to cry when she is overtired or really wants to change positions or activities.


Emerson started rolling over at month 3. She doesn’t do it every day but she has mastered the skill. She loves to kick her feet in the air and grab her legs. She is learning to grab at toys and her bottle. She always has her hands in her mouth or puts anything she tries to hold in her mouth. Her smile and laugh melt your heart!


With the nanny on board and me back to work I am hoping to get back into a workout routine starting next week. At least blocking my calendar and dedicated 3-4 days to go down to the gym. I have adapted to the new sleep schedule and I am loving every moment of being Emerson’s mama!

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