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High Chairs Diaries

Because Nate and I consider ourselves to be lovers of food, we were naturally excited to introduce Emerson to solid foods and all the bells and whistles that come along with it! The biggest of these purchases was the high chair which I had a considerably hard time selecting. My list of criteria wasn’t long:

  • Needed wheels for easy portability.

  • Seat reclines and swivels.

  • Adjustable height options.

  • Modern and sleek design to match our décor.

  • Crevice free so we had no unwanted food pockets.

It wasn’t a particularly long checklist but you would be surprised at how many high chairs only check a few of these boxes. I was excited to find the bloom Fresco Chrome High Chair; it was really the only high chair that offers the contemporary style I was looking for without comprising on other necessary features.

  • The bloom Fresco Chrome includes:

  • 3 recline positions (newborn cradle, semi-recline, upright seat) adjusted using a light touch flip handle.

  • 360 degree swivel pneumatic up/down height adjustment.

  • Push button adjustable harness straps can be easily removed to use chair as play seat at 36+ months.

  • 2 trays; scratch resistant large feeding tray, smaller play tray

  • Concealed scratch free wheels in base for easy movement.

  • Tray heights up to 36 inches.

  • Crevice free wipe clean seat unit.

We are two months into use and we are absolutely in love with the bloom Fresco High Chair. It is super easy to wipe clean, I have no unwanted food left on the tray or the chair and besides the straps we’ve managed to keep it looking all white! I was surprised at how much the swivel feature would become important to me. With an active baby who follows our dog Taylor’s every movement, getting her in position to grab a bite can be challenging. The swivel chair allows me to easily direct her attention back on me and her meal, not the dog!

It is on the higher price range of high chairs but I firmly believe it is worth the investment. This piece will be with us for several children and I look forward to experimenting with the newborn features whenever baby number 2 comes along!


High Chair (bloom Fresco Chrome High Chair Frame) | Seat Pad (bloom Fresco Chrome Seat Pad Starter Kit) | Spoons (Beaba First Stage Baby Spoons) | Bowls (Shaped Elephant Bowl)

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