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Emerson Christine: Six Month Update

June marked Emerson’s half birthday! Our little girl is growing so fast, we cannot believe she is already 6 months.

Emerson’s personality is starting to shine through. She is extremely curious, very observant, and a very happy baby. She loves her dog Taylor and follows her every movement throughout the day. She extends her hand out so Taylor can give her licks in the morning, she’s discovered Taylor’s tail and is memorized on how it moves back and forth on its own, and she thinks it is the funniest thing to watch Taylor play fetch in the park. Taylor has quickly become her favorite in the household.

Here are Emerson's six month stats:


At her six month checkup Emerson clocked in at 16.75 pounds and 27.5 inches. She is in the 94th percentile for length, becoming a long lean girl!


Emerson has developed allergies the past couple of weeks, causing lots of sneezing and a runny noise. It doesn’t seem to bother her, only when Nate and I try and take the nasal aspirator to clear some of the snot out does she let us know she will not have it.


Emerson enjoys two meals, some of her favorite purees include pear, sweet potato, carrots with cauliflower and ginger, strawberries, zucchini and mango. She enjoys bananas and avocado and is learning how to pick them up on her own. Emerson takes a bottle about three times a day and nurses once in the morning and late afternoon with mom.


Emerson is officially on a schedule. She wakes up typically between 6am and 6:30am. She takes her first morning nap around 9am and then goes down for a second nap around 1pm. Depending on the length of her second nap she may or may not take a late afternoon catnap with me. Emerson goes down easily at night but she still fights her naps. She is learning to get on all fours and rocking back and forth. This new found skill and almost crawling jolts her into play time as soon as she hits her crib. She practices this new skill for 10-15 minutes before finally going down for her nap. So she doesn’t go down easily for naps, but we are thankful we get a solid hour of her when she does go down. She has slept through the night a handful of times, but typically wakes around 3am for a quick feeding and then back to sleep. She is napping in her crib but Nate and I haven’t had the heart to move her to her crib at night, she sleeps in her portable crib in our room at night, so we can check on her whenever our hearts desire.


Being hangry, being put down for naps (cries every time!), missing a nap or being awake too long, cleaning her nose, not being able to crawl when she gets up on all fours.


Taylor, nursery rhymes, walks, the swings at the park, trying to grab her mobile, bubbles, and grabbing faces.


Everything has moved into the 6 -9 month size range and size 3 diapers.


Emerson still cries occasionally when being put down for naps or when she gets extremely overtired. She has learned about distance so she developed this fussy cry when you leave the room, almost begging you to come back.


Emerson freely rolls back and forth. She blowing lots of raspberries can get up on all fours and rock back and forth. She is sitting up and tries to pull herself up to stand and lean on furniture. She can move objects back and forth between hands and she puts everything in her mouth!


Sad to report my workouts have not increased, work has been a bit hectic so all my energy is going to Emerson and work right now. Having our nanny full time has helped me balance work and managing the home which is a true blessing.

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