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Father's Day Gift Guide

This year for Father’s Day I get to celebrate my own Dad, whom I adore, but it’s also Nate’s first Father’s Day with his daughter! Emerson and I are excited to shower Nate with lots of love and show him just how much he means to us and our family!

We are a little late to the game since Father’s day is just over a week out, but that’s life with a baby! Nate is definitely not the traditional Dad so I wanted to incorporate some ‘New Dad’ gifts that he would be proud to sport in my Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Nate is in need a new bag that can hold baby stuff that doesn't look like a diaper bag. He is a good sport and will carry our diaper bag from time to time but would prefer something more manly! The Jack Spade Leather Duffel Bag is versatile enough to function as a gym bag, a weekend bag, or when we are taking Emmy out for an afternoon at the park and want to throw in some of her baby items. Nate has always been more 'techy' thank I have, so he has been in charge of everything that requires batteries or wi-fi with the babe. The Nest camera is an amazing find for an in home camera. It can be placed in the babies room as your primary monitor or in the living space so you can keep any eye on the baby and babysitter when indulging in a much needed date night. I know some people who have the Nest to even just keep an eye on their dog while they are at work! Another good techy gift is the super sleek Master & Dynamic headphones made with all metal which aims to keep a minimal aesthetic footprint. Since moving to Jersey City we have been enjoying more afternoon's in the park and more outdoor space so this Wherever Duel Fuel Grill is the perfect weekend accessory for some summer fun. Paired with these One Culture Foods sauces which are perfect for marinating some chicken and steak over your new grill. And if you’re looking for something unique for a Dad that appreciates a good cocktail you must grab these sphere ice molds sure to win over any Dad! I have included some classic Dad gifts … Bocce set, hat, and sunglasses (something Nate constantly looses but I continue to buy for him!).

So on this Father's Day I want to celebrate my Dad whose unconditional love taught me how important a Father-Daughter relationship is. Emerson is lucky to have that with Nate … LOVE YOU DAD and NATE!!!

1. Sunglasses | 2. Camera | 3. Drone | 4. Hat | 5. Grill | 6. Sauces | 7. Bag | 8. Sphere Ice Molds | 9. Headphones | 10. Bocce Ball Set |

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