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Celebrating Our Favorite Dad!

I remember quietly celebrating last year’s Father’s Day with Nate as a soon to be Dad. Lying in bed talking about what our little girl was going to be like, what we were excited to experience most and giggling in anticipation thinking about all her milestones we were going to watch unfold. I remember thinking what a great father Nate was going to be her, how much he was going to love her, and I couldn’t wait to see what personality traits and resemblance she would share with him.

Fast forward to a year later, Emerson is now 6 months old and I cannot put into words how special it is to watch the two of them together. Nate is an amazing father to Emerson, he loves her immensely and I know he would do anything for the two of us. As I reflect on my own relationship with my father I am so thankful that Emerson has that strong fatherly figure in her life like I did, a Father who will show her how to be tough, thoughtful, and how to take risks and new challenges like my own Father taught me.

So, on his first official Father’s Day Emerson and I want to say thank you to Nate; he is our provider, our caretaker, the maker of funny faces, the best bath time entertainer, a willing dirty diaper changer, but more than anything he is the most loving, patient, and selfless Father and husband to Emerson and I. You should be celebrated everyday as you do so much for our little family, but today we want you to know how much we love and adore you. We are so thankful for you and all you do for our family. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

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