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Playtime Made Easy with Skip Hop Playspot

Now that our little Emerson is on the go and officially crawling playtime has become a whole new ball game. She is constantly moving, reaching, crawling and rolling all over the place. She wants to get her hands on all her toys and is so eager to stand and be more independent. I’ve had a few heart attacks when she takes a nose or head dive onto the hardwood floor on hard carpet. She is so determined to get where she wants to go but she doesn’t realize she isn’t quite strong enough yet. It’s caused some tears and a few bruises along the way.

That is why I am so grateful for the Skip Hop Playspot Geo Foam Floor Tiles. This saving grace has improved playtime, eliminated my heart attacks, and helped Emerson become more mobile and safe. I’ve used the tiles in Emerson room, in the living room and even created a little trail from her room to the living room so she can safely crawl from one room to another. Why I love this play mat:

  • Travel-friendly – the easy carry case and lightweight design mean I can easily pack the tiles and take them on the go

  • Contemporary design – the grey and white triangle design complement my modern home design

  • Soft foam material – the soft foam is comfortable and cushioned, allowing your baby to be mobile but soft enough to cushion unwanted falls or spills. Added plus the foam material is easy to wipe clean!

This is on my list for a new mom must have, and if the grey and white design is not your style check out Skip Hop’s other designs here.

Happy playing!

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