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Emerson Christine: Seven Month Update

Emerson hit 7 months and we cannot believe how much she has changed in just one month! Emerson has hit some new exciting milestones, she is so interactive, her smile is infectious and her happy demeanor is always shining through.

Emerson is fully crawling now and has mostly mastered this new skill with ease. We’ve had a few head dives as she is so eager to get from point A to point B that she moves a little quicker than her little arms and legs can carry her. Besides a few tears, she is determined to be independent and move on her own. So much so that she has almost skipped crawling and is not trying to stand on everything. She will crawl to the nearest object that looks sturdy enough to hold her and then uses her arms to pull herself up into a standing position. Nate and I are for sure betting that she will be walking by 9 months. This girl really wants to go places!

A few of my updates also alluded to Emerson’s minor surgery. She had surgery to remove a bump over her eye. Without going into too much detail it was excruciating for Nate and I to watch her go through surgery being so little. But Emerson took on the challenge with flying colors, she was a strong, brave girl, and a few hours after surgery it was like nothing ever happened. She had her happy demeanor back and was ready to play!

Here are Emerson's seven month stats:


At her last checkup Emerson clocked in at 17.5 pounds and 27.5 inches. She gained almost a pound in a week, indicating that she is really loving her solids!


Outside of Emerson’s surgery she is a strong and healthy girl! We have a few more follow-up appointments in the next few weeks, but we are confident and praying that Emerson will be in clear. We are looking forward to putting those worries behind us.


Emerson now enjoys three meals a day. Her favorites still include pear, banana, strawberries, zucchini and mango. We also introduced chicken and spinach which were a hit for this little girl. We are experimenting on mixing purees now and Emerson seems to be enjoying all of it. She continues to nurse once in the morning, and then gets two bottles during the day and third before bedtime.


We’ve been sticking to Emerson’s scheduled and it has helped her officially start sleeping through the night! While I am so thrilled we hit this milestone, I am not holding my breath as I don’t want to become too over confident with this changing girl. But for now, we are enjoying it. Emerson also officially moved to her crib full time. She was taking naps in her crib but not she sleeps in her crib in her own room at night. Nate and I had a hard time separating from her, but when we caught her standing up in her pack’n’play staring at us in bed in the middle of the night we knew she was ready for her own room without the distractions of Mom and Dad at night. She takes two naps during the day, and depending on how long her second nap is sometimes a snooze in the stroller on our evening walk.


Being hangry, missing a nap or being awake too long, cleaning her nose, not being able to stand.


Taylor, nursery rhymes, walks, the swings at the park, cell phones (this was a bad habit of Nate and I), bubbles, and grabbing faces.


Everything has moved into the 9-12-month size range and still size 3 diapers.


Emerson still cries occasionally when being put down for naps or when she gets extremely overtired. She will occasionally cry or whine when she wants a change of scenery but for the most part she is not a crying type of baby!


Emerson is officially crawling. She has also learned to prop herself up when holding on to objects for support. She can stand in her crib and on stand herself up by holding on to the couch in her room. Emerson is also saying ‘Ma Ma!’ I don’t know if she knows what is means but she is mastering the sound and says ‘Ma Ma’ all day long and I just cannot get enough of it!


My workouts are still few and far between, but we have been going on 2-3 mile walks in the evenings so that helps give me a little exercise and time to be outdoors which is much needed these days!

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