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The Evans' are Moving to California

Well, Emerson shared some pretty big news last week! We’ve known for about a month but have been getting a few moving pieces in place and we wanted to wait until we were a 100% certain: After a lot of consideration, a few tears of both excitement and nerves, juggling of two careers, Nate and I have decided to move our little family to California! Look out Bay Area, the Evans’ are coming for ya!!

Nate had been feeling he was ready for a new position and challenge in his career. Once he made that decision, it naturally made sense to look for jobs out West. California is home to both our families and closets friends. While we thought we could be New Yorkers for another year before relocating, we didn't want to have to commit to anything new out East. Particularly, because we have been talking about adding to our growing family and there is no way I could be bound in New York with a toddler and newborn with no family around! Anyone with small children or multiple children can probably relate; it takes a village and I know that now. Being away from family has been challenging at times, having the extra set of hands is always welcomed and more importantly I want Emerson to be close to her extended family and her cousins.

Of course this move and decision hasn’t been easy and has a few drawbacks. The toughest part, is going to be saying goodbye to our amazing Nanny. Emerson and Fran have built a very special bond and Fran is now an important part of our family unit here. I had quite a few breakdowns and tears leading up to the day we broke the news to our nanny. I wish she had family in California too and wanted to make the move with us, but sadly that was wishful thinking! I pray every night that we can find someone as loving and nurturing as her to help take care of Emmy when we relocate. Once Nate accepted the job offer, we also needed to ensure that my company would allow me to make the move. That was another stressful piece, relocating when both of you have established careers and need the financial stability, picking up and moving isn’t that easy. Luckily, my company valued me as an employee and is making it work for me.

Those tough moments are behind us. Now, we just need to focus on the actual move. Nate will be driving across the country with one of his best friends and our dog Taylor. We flew Taylor out on the plane when we first moved to New York. We had to put her in a crate and they put her down under the plane in the cargo area. The vet gave us Xanax to give to Taylor before the flight to calm her nerves; I think I needed the entire bottle because I was more nervous. Luckily, she made it safe and sound but when Nate picked her up from the airport in New York she was terrified! So needless to say, we are not going to do that to her again. Nate has always wanted to drive across the country so this works out perfectly. My Dad has graciously offered to come out and help when the movers come to pack up all our stuff. Emerson and I will then board a flight with him and we will officially be California residents again!

Now, we just need to find a place to live, purchase a car, find another nanny, but those are just minor details right…

Well, that pretty much sums it all up. I am excited to share the move process with all of you, our highs and lows on finding a permanent home in the bay area, and all the in-between we will experience.

See you in California soon!

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