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Pumpkin Patch Fun

This weekend Emerson enjoyed her first Pumpkin Patch experience. Truth be told it was actually her second experience, but on her first experience she was sick, caught a fever and it was over 100 degrees out so we didn't get to enjoy it. Nate and I wanted to make good and redeem her first experience so we decided to visit Nicasio Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch this weekend.

I have always loved October, it has been my favorite month since I can remember. Perhaps because it marks fall, the change in the season and the start to all my favorite holidays. I was so excited to share the pumpkin patch with Emerson, secretly hoping this becomes her favorite time of year as well! I am a now a firm believer that pumpkin patches offer something for kids of all ages. Emerson is very much intrigued by people, and mostly other children. So she loved watching the big kids play and frolic around. She enjoyed seeing the petting zoo and all her favorite animals up close and personal, but she mostly loved walking amongst the pumpkins!

If you live in the Bay Area or North Bay, here are a few of my picks for the best Pumpkin Patches or family farms for the season. Each offers unique experiences from apple picking, petting zoos, hay rides, food trucks and more!

1. Nicasio Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch

2. Peter Pumpkin Patch

3. Godmothers Pumpkin Patch

4. Petaluma Pumpkin Patch

5. McClelland's Dairy Pumpkin Patch

If you do not live in the Bay Area refer to your local Mom's group for some recommendations, I am sure they have plenty!

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