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Emerson Christine: Thirteen Month Update

It’s officially a wrap on 2016 and Emerson’s first year around the sun! Just after the new year she hit 13-months and just like that we have a toddler! Her first birthday and her second Christmas flew by. We enjoyed the holiday break with family and friends, but mostly we relished in the time with our daughter. Nate and I both had time off between Christmas and New Years and we enjoyed every moment with our bubbly little girl.

Emerson is one busy lady! She loves to run and not walk, she is extremely talkative (mostly gibberish but a few words here and there) and she loves playing in her new kitchen she got for her birthday. She is inquisitive, passionate and is starting to form opinions about what she wants and doesn’t want. She enjoys reading books, playing with her dog Taylor and being outside.

Watching all her changes this past month has been truly amazing. I feel like I say that with every one of these posts, but this time is different. She has grown and developed so much this past month I enjoy watching her communicate with Nate and I, ask for things, and have her tell us her stories.

Here are Emerson's thirteen month stats:


At her last checkup, just after she turned one Emerson clocked in at 22.6 pounds and 30.5 inches.


Emerson got hit with a cold prior to her first birthday but she was able to fend off the flu I got. She now remains relatively healthy and with all this rain I am hoping to keep it that way!


We have given up the bottle. Went cold turkey and now Emerson has whole milk in the morning and in the evening before bed. She eats three full meals and two snacks a day. Breakfast is by far her favorite meal – well balanced with eggs, toast, and fruit. Lunch and her snacks typically go as planned but dinner has been a challenge in this household. She typically throws whatever is on the dinner menu on the floor. I am not sure if she is testing me, not hungry, or simply doesn’t care for my cooking. But, she is continuing to grow and is a healthy girl so I try not to worry about it too much.


Emerson is still sleeping through the night but we believe she is ready to transition from two naps a day to one nap a day and that has been a bit of a challenge. Her naps are somewhat unpredictable in the afternoon and she can get quite fussy at night if she misses the mid-afternoon nap. Keeping a sleep schedule is important to me so I have probably struggled with this more than Emerson. I’ve pushed the start time of her morning and mid-afternoon naps back, but if that doesn’t seem to stick we will work on transitioning her to one nap starting at noon each day.


Emerson still hates when you clean her nose or wipe her face after meals, she doesn’t like being restricted from what she wants to do or where she wants to go and she certainly is not a fan of being told no!


Taylor continues to be her favorite play companion; she is loving the new kitchen set she got for her birthday along with the pots and pans. I think she will soon be ready to help me in the kitchen! She loves to be outside, playing in the park and story time.


Everything has moved into the 12-18 month size range and still size 4 diapers.


Emerson still cries occasionally when she wants to be held by Mom, if it is taking too long to feed her, or if she really wants a change of scenery. But for the most part she doesn’t cry too often.


Emerson walks steadily know and takes very few spills, she talking very much, telling stories in her little gibberish baby language. She points to her ears, belly, and nose when asked and she has learned to American Sign Language for the words eat, more, please, and milk. We are working on thank you and help.


I am officially a year postpartum. I am not near where I would like to be fitness wise but it is a new year with new resolutions so hopefully I will be able to hit some of the milestones I made for myself.

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