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Emerson Christine: Eleven Month Update

Late to post Emerson’s 11-month update again, seems to be the norm nowadays! Emerson is just one-month shy of being a year old and we truly cannot believe how quickly time as flown by. Emerson’s personality is really starting to shine through and walking has opened up a whole new world of exploration for her. She wants to walk everywhere, she is curious about everything and is so much fun to be around.

She grows more and more stable on those two legs every day and is now walking pretty well. She points to what she wants or where she wants to go, and shakes her head no when she doesn’t want something. Probably most exciting for Nate and I is having her communicate to us through sign language. She knows how to say ‘more’, ‘milk’, and ‘water’. Her best friend is Taylor, she loves giving Taylor treats, chasing her around the house, playing fetch and lying in bed with her. Taylor has grown pretty fond of her baby sister too, although the occasional tail pulls make her run away from time to time.

Emerson understands so many words. We ask her to go get her ball, book or baby and she knows exactly what we are saying and will go find them and bring them back for us to play. Words cannot describe how amazing it has been watching this part of her development. I am in awe everyday of all the new skills she is mastering.

This past month we enjoyed our first Halloween, spent some time at Granna and Papa’s house learning how to garden, and had lots and lots of giggles.

Here are Emerson's eleven month stats:


Emerson didn’t have a 11-month checkup but she is well over 22 pounds now and over 22 inches long.


After last month’s fever and virus Emerson has continued to be healthy. The change in weather causes a few runny noses but overall she is one healthy girl.


Emerson still gets a bottle first thing in the morning and before bed. She enjoys three meals a day along with two snacks. Her favorite finger foods are still shredded cheese, raspberries, and broccoli. She’s developed a new found love for pesto pasta. She has steered away from most meats so it’s been a challenge introducing protein into her diet outside of eggs but we will continue to try!


Bedtime is fairly routine for Emerson. She gets a batch by 6:30pm and is in bed by 7pm, often asleep before 7:30pm. We were lucky and didn’t have too many challenges with the recent time change. However, we did decide to switch her pacifier at the recommendation of the pediatrician. That was a bit of a struggle as she refused the new type of pacifier but she has finally started to take it and that helps her nap times which had grown short! She takes two naps, averaging about 45 minutes in length. The first at 9am and the second between 1 and 1:30pm.It’s always a guessing game to see if they are ready for one nap, I wish there was a clear-cut sign!


Missing a nap, cleaning her nose, not being able to stand or move on her own, and being alone in the back seat of the car.


Taylor continues to be her best pall. She enjoys story time at the library, she has recently gotten a kick out of tickling, she loves the swing at the park, being outside playing, and bath time. She also loves her new animal sound books, she will pick one out and bring it to Nate and I to help her push the buttons and hear all the animal sounds.


Everything has moved into the 12-18-month size range and still size 4 diapers, contemplating trying size 5 diapers soon. She is also a size 4 in shoes.


Emerson still cries occasionally when she wants to be held by Mom, has to stop what she is doing for a diaper change, if it is taking too long to feed her, or if she really wants a change of scenery. But for the most part she doesn’t cry too often.


Emerson just started signing to Nate and I. She knows the sign language basics of more and milk along with thank you. Emerson has mastered walking and even tries running. Mama, Da Da, Tay Tay, Baba, and Nana are her favorite words. She tried to say dog and bird although they are not as clear.


Still trying to get on that workout bandwagon, I guess that will become my 2017 New Year’s resolution!

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