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Modern Burlap

I am a minimalist type of gal. My wardrobe consists of black, white, grey and beige. My home décor is follows suit with a lot of muted colors and one to two pops of color. So it is a no brainer that Emerson’s wardrobe and baby products fall in line. When selecting items for my baby registry I kept to the “no color” motto and opted for simple, clean designs. One brand that checks all those boxes is Modern Burlap. They offer an organic line of graphic tees and swaddles that will make any minimalist swoon!

Why I love Modern Burlap:

  • Organic made

  • Cheeky slogans

  • Minimalist, clean designs

  • Unisex swaddles and tees

Their swaddles are a perfect fit for Emerson and I and a must add to any baby registry. We've used them for swaddling in the early months to play time as she gets more mobile. They are a perfect baby shower gift for anyone looking to go off registry as it will be a crowd and new-mom pleaser, and go with pretty much any decor! Check out my favorite picks from each of Modern Burlap's collections!

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