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Emerson Christine: Two Year Update

I cannot let 2017 close without posting an update on Emerson’s two years. Even as I type this I am still in disbelief that Emerson turned two years old earlier this month. Her personality is really shining, she has become such an independent, confident, playful little girl. It brings tears to my eyes to have to admit she is a full-blown toddler and not a baby anymore!

Emerson is so talkative and her vocabulary is quite extensive for a two-year-old. She repeats most everything and while others sometimes have a tough time understanding her, Nate and I have caught on to pretty much every word.

We moved into our first home at the beginning of December, and Emerson is enjoying all the new space. She loves all the additional rooms to play in, her trampoline and treehouse in the backyard, and having so many new parks nearby. We are looking to make more friends in the neighborhood, but for now she enjoys afternoons at the park and going back to San Anselmo once or twice a week for her music and gym classes.

This was the first Christmas that Emerson was really interested in Santa and presents. I was a proud Momma taking her to see Santa for the first time. She was a little nervous but got over it when she saw all the other kids sitting with him. She confidently went up, gave him a high five and said ‘cheese’ before climbing down after the picture. She enjoyed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family and opening all her new presents. She seemed to really get into the spirit of it and it made us excited for next year.

Here are Emerson's two-year stats:


At Emerson’s two-year checkup she clocked in at 28 pounds and over 32 inches long. She seems to grow an inch every month!


Emerson has been relatively healthy, with the occasional winter cold. But we feel lucky that she has a couple months’ streak of good health before some minor cold pops up here or there.


Emerson is a fairly good eater as far as toddler’s go. She mostly sticks to the staples: waffles, toast, PB&J, avocado toast, apple sauce, yogurt, cheese, crackers, etc. She will eat tofu, squash cakes, and broccoli typically everyday with her nanny, but she sticks to carbs and fruit with Mom and Dad. Clearly, she dictates her diet when at home J


Emerson is down to one nap a day. While it used to easily be two-three hours, in our new home it seems to have shorted to around an hour to hour and half. While it pains me to have less down time, I am happy she is still taking a nap and sleeping good through the night.


Missing a nap, cleaning her nose, not being able to do something on her own.


Taylor continues to be her best pal, she now enjoys holding the leash when we take Taylor for walks. She likes playing in her kitchen, and watching Dora or Sesame Street when Mom is in the kitchen preparing breakfast or dinner. She also recently got into playing soccer after watching one of her cousin’s soccer games. She asks Nate or I to play with her at least three times a day, this of course makes me very proud J


Everything has moved into the 3T size range.


We began tackling potty training this week. She seems to be progressing well, able to go when we prompt her. We’ve had a few accidents here or there but overall it is going well and I am confident we will continue to see progress.

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