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Bodhi Paul: One-Month Update

We survived month one with a newborn and a toddler! It is so true what they say, the days are long but the years are fast. While the last month has seemed like an eternity, I cannot believe Bodhi is already one month old. Before Bodhi arrived, I honestly didn’t know if it was possible to love anything as much as I love Emerson. But the moment I held him in my arms my heart must have grown double, because I love this little boy more than words can describe.

While it has only been a month and I don’t want to jinx anything, I feel lucky to say that Bodhi is one pretty chill dude. He pretty much eats, poops, sleeps and repeats. In the last week, we’ve enjoyed more awake time, his eyes opening wider and becoming more alert. He enjoys being talked to, sung to, and napping on family members!

Everyone in the house is adjusting well and we cannot wait to enjoy all the milestones we know lie ahead.

Here are Bodhi's one-month stats:


At his one-month checkup Bodhi clocked in at 22 ½ inches and 9.9 pounds. He had grown just over a pound since his 2-week checkup.


Despite his sister having a cold and cough that will not go away, Bodhi has been pretty healthy. He has a stuffy nose which I believe came from his big sister, but with the help of Mom’s breast milk I hope he continues to keep it at bay.


Bodhi is an efficient eater. He breastfeeds fairly routinely and for only 5-10 minutes. I was worried about the amount of time he breastfeeds but our lactation consultant and pediatrician tell me it sometimes works that way the second time around. He is gaining weight so for now, I will take the efficient breast feeder.


Since coming home from the hospital Bodhi has routinely given us 4-5 hour stretches of sleep at night. We put him down around 9pm and he wakes around 2am and 6:30am for feedings. While I cannot complain about that schedule, I do look forward to the day when he gives me 8-9 hour stretches J


Being overtired and cleaning his nose. Bodhi is pretty chill and only seems to cry when he is tired or wants to be held.


Bodhi has started to really show interest in voices. We’ve had family visit over the course of the month and he loves hearing all the new voices. He also seems to relax when being sung to.


We are still in some newborn clothes but just in the last couple days the pants have gotten a wee bit small so we are moving to 0-3 months.


We’ve gotten a few baby coos out of him and started tummy time this week!


I am happy to report that I feel the worst part is postpartum is behind me, I’ve seemed to heal quicker this time around. I had a few intense mood swings the first couple of days, adjusting to having two children who needed my attention, but I have seemed to settle in. I have not started to work out but eagerly looking forward to being able to have the time to do so.

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