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Bodhi's Nursery Reveal

When we found out we were having a boy I struggled with nursery ideas. For one, we were still living in our two-bedroom condo and it was difficult to get inspiration when I didn’t know if we would be in a new home or if I needed to convert Emerson’s current bedroom to accommodate two little ones. And two, I had been living in all things girly for the past year and half I found it difficult to wrap my head around having a boy. But once we moved into our new home I quickly fell down a Pinterest rabbit hole and started scouring boards for inspiration.

At first, I gravitated towards simple, subtle, soft blue décor. Similar to Emerson’s original nursery in Jersey City, you can see that original post here. I then stumbled across more bold and modern nurseries and starting gravitating towards some of those designs. I wanted to do something different than I normally would, something that was more bold and abstract, a contrast from the rest of my home decor. Nate and I couldn't decide between shades of blue, so we went to Home Depot to look at paint swatches and I fell in love with this bold, deep, emerald green called Green Agate from BEHR.

Once I decided on the color I went back to Pinterest and fell in love with the idea of a monochromatic nursery to contrast against the green. From there, everything else really fell into place. It was fun to look for black and white pieces. Since we just moved into a new home, I really wanted pieces that were high quality but reasonable in price. Majority of this nursery is from target or sourced from Amazon. Since we moved into our home in December and Bodhi was due in January it didn't leave me a lot of time to decorate and get settled, so ordering from Amazon ensured pieces and items would get shipped on time.

This nursery is a departure from the decor in the rest of our house, but I am in love with the bold green and hope Bodhi will too as he gets older.

See below for links to all the items ordered.

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