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Activity Gym Bonanza

So here is the deal with managing two kids, specifically a toddler and a newborn. The toddler is not going to change or slow down, in fact they just seem to get busier when the new baby arrives. I quickly found myself chasing Emerson all around the house with Bo in tow. Emerson would fling the door open and run into our backyard or run to the living room back to her bedroom. I found myself spinning in circles trying to figure out a safe cozy spot to put Bo down so I could run after her and yell "put on your shoes before you go out there," or "what are you getting into to!" I quickly realized I needed a swing, chair or activity gym in pretty much every corner of my house so in instances like these I was putting Bo down somewhere safe where he could entertain himself for a few minutes while I tended to whatever my wild toddler was getting into.

I have a Skip Hop Activity Gym in Bodhi's room where is spends a good amount of time. But rather than lug that from room to room I wanted to purchase something that could go in our living room where we spend majority of our time as a family. I also wanted something aesthetically pleasing since this is also the room where we spend almost all of our time when we have guests over, and something that could easily be tucked away without being an eye soar. I started looking into simple wooden bars that I could place a cozy blanket under and hang different toys across the bar. Good old digital retargeting must have been tracking me because I stumbled across this brand Clover & Birch on Instagram and Etsy.

I quickly fell in love with the simplistic design. I also loved the option that I could hang many of our own musical toys across the bar, switch them up whenever Bo got board or to age appropriate developmental options. And so far, I have to say we are so pleased with our purchase. Bo spends a solid couple hours under the gym during any given day. He is able to be put down safely, still be around the family and activity, and has started to grab and reach for the toys. We went with the knit Play and Activity Gym option. It is so easy to fold up that I can tuck it away when we are not using it or quickly bring it from room to room depending on where big sister is playing at.

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