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My Top Five Nursing Bra Picks

Let's face it, nursing bras are really anything but sexy. Comfort and ease of use become priority. But as much as I dislike nursing bras, I despise nursing tops even more! Thus, I gravitate to nursing bras that are comfortable and work easily under my normal tops and tees.

With baby number two I've been really into sleep bras, using them beyond just night time sleep. Sleep nursing bras have the crisscross shape that easily allow you to whip out the goods in the middle of the night so the baby can feed. They typically don't have any elastic and are seamless, making them really comfortable to sleep in. I find the sleep bras work so nicely during the day time too. Kind of like t-shirt bra, they are not noticeable under my non-nursing tops and make it really easy for me to whip out a boob for Bodhi after I flip my shirt up. I'm so over using a cover up while breastfeeding when we are in public, and the sleep bras allow me to still feel covered without having to fumble with a clasp.

With that said, sleep nursing bras act more like sports bras so I listed a few of my favorite non-sleep bras as well. I wear these when I want to spice things up and not feel like I'm in athleisure wear all day. I've never been a fan of underwire, and let's face it I don't have a very large cup size, so I tend to lean towards bras that are barely there and provide just enough support. Here are the five nursing bras I currently have in rotation. Happy shopping!

2. Women’s Nursing Yoga Bra – Gilligan & O’Malley

4. MAMA Nursing Bra – H&M

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