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Bodhi Paul: Four-Month Update

Officially no longer a newborn and a full grown baby now! Bo hit the four-month mark and each day this little guy grows more and more into his own. He continues to be a pretty chill dude. He is good at playing or laying by himself, as long as he is propped up to watch his sister or just to be around the family, he is happy to just be part of the action.

We've gotten closer to a full blown schedule and Bo has made strides in the nap department. We went ahead and hired a sleep consultant which was really like therapy for me. It was a good reminder that I cannot compare my kids (Emerson seemed to fall into a schedule easily) and that I remember Emerson sleep trained. Bodhi is still so little and he is doing wonderfully, so more than anything the sleep consultant reminded me it will fall into place soon.

Here are Bodhi's four-month stats:


At his four-month checkup last week Bodhi was 25.25 inches and 12.13 pounds. He continues to be long and lean. He is still just inching along on the weight department so his pediatrician decided to have us run a couple tests to see if he is having trouble absorbing fat or if he has an allergy of some sort. I cut out dairy for a few weeks but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. So, more to come on the weight front after tests and another weight check at five-months.


Bodhi battled a few colds this past month. Emerson is catching up on all the bugs at pre-school, so while she builds her immune system so are Bo and I. Luckily they don't last more than a couple days for him but still scary none the less.


Bodhi is still an efficient eater, breastfeeding for only 5-8 minutes per session. While that doesn't seem long at my last lactation appointment he took in 4 ounces in just 4 minutes. We are still working on having him take the bottle which is giving me a lot of against. His pediatrician also suggested we try and introduce some solids early to help him get a few extra calories. Given his weight I haven't been able to sleep train at night, meaning he is still waking several times a night to eat.


With the help of the sleep consultant we've gotten Bodhi on three naps a day varying from 45-90 minutes in length (Mom loves the 90 minute ones)!. There are of course good days and bad days. Days where he naps only 30 minutes for each one, but I try and remind myself to take it all in stride. No day is going to be perfect. Sometimes he will take a fourth catnap in the stroller depending on when he wakes up from his third nap, usually when we go to the park with sister. He is pretty solid at night. We shoot for a 6:30pm or 7pm bedtime, I dreamfeed him at 10pm and then he wakes anywhere from 2am to 5am to feed and then falls asleep again, waking around 6:30am the next morning.


Being overtired, being left alone for too long, medicine.


Bodhi likes his activity gym, playing in the mirror, chewing on toys, and being entertained by his big sister.


Bodhi is in 3-6 months clothing.


Bodhi is laughing more regularly, working on blowing bubbles, rolling easily from tummy to back, kicking his legs up, grabbing toys.


I continue to have good days and bad days. I wish I had more time to work out as that really is a release for me, but all in all I am working on finding my balance. I decided to extend my maternity leave through June so we have a month to get Bodhi on a solid schedule and hopefully taking the bottle.

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