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Our Love for Pampers

We’ve gone through several diaper brands in our household. I’ve always gravitated towards brands that use premium, organic, and safe materials. No unnecessary dies, perfumes, or synthetic materials.

Emerson was mainly an Honest girl which we loved and for her they worked! When we first brought Bodhi home we put him in Honest newborn diapers and that very first night he peed through two of them. Someone suggested I go up in size, which we did, but he still occasionally peed through them. A girlfriend of mine suggested I try Pampers Swaddlers, she had two boys and she found they were the only ones they didn’t pee through. I had a package of the Pampers Swaddlers the hospital sent us home with so I tore them open and gave them a try. And, much to my surprise no more peeing through his diaper!

I came to trust the Pampers protection, but have to admit that I didn’t love that the Swaddlers weren’t as “clean” of unnatural products as some other brands out there. That is why I was so happy when Pampers launched Pampers Pure! With the Pure collection, they use premium cotton and other naturally safe materials but still offer the same trusted leakage and dryness protection I had come to love (hello little blue stripe anyone!). They are made fragrance free, with no chlorine bleaching and lotions, and with the same wetness indicator strip there was no more guessing what was in my baby’s diaper!

I am so glad we made the switch. I am confident this guy will remain dry and free of any unwanted chemicals.

Happy diapering!

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