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Bodhi Paul: Five-Month Update

So Bodhi is almost closer to six-months than five-months now but better late than never right!? The past few weeks I've really just been focused on the kids and soaking up my last moments with them before I go back to work.

I have mixed emotions about returning to work, but the past month Bodhi has spent more days with our nanny and they are really starting to build a bond which makes my return to work so much easier. We've gotten him on somewhat of a schedule, taking three naps per day with the first starting around 8:30am and then he typically has a 90-120 minute awake window from the time he wakes from those naps.

Here are Bodhi's five-month stats:


At his five-month checkup back in June Bodhi was 26 1/2 inches long and finally hit 14 pounds. He is long and lean, continuing to gain weight but at a very slow place. We ran a few tests and all came back normal. We introduced formula so hoping that he starts to gain a bit more rapidly and will have more of an update during his six-month checkup.


Now that winter and that nasty cold season is over, Bodhi has remained pretty healthy and over the course of the past month we haven't noticed any fevers or colds.


Bodhi's food of choice is still breast milk. He continues to be an efficient eater, breastfeeding for only 5-8 minutes per session. We did introduce formula. He doesn't seem to mind the taste, but for now we mix it with breast milk so when he does get a bottle he gets some extra calories from the formula. I have been trying solids for the past couple weeks and he really has no interest in solid food yet. That has been difficult for me, Emerson loved solids right from the start and feeding her was one of my favorite milestones. But, we will keep at it with Bodhi and hopefully he takes a liking in the next month or so. Lord knows the boy could use some extra calories!


Bodhi is down to three naps a day, typically an hour in length but we sometimes get 90 or a full two hours. Bodhi naps in his Dockatot during the day. At night, we've transitioned him to just his crib in a Zipadee Zip Sack. He wakes once a night still and we are considering sleep training him to drop that last night time feed. That will depend on how much weight he has gained at this six-month checkup.


Being overtired, being left alone for too long, medicine, being constipated.


Bodhi is obsessed with his big sister and dog Taylor. He has a knack for finding them in every room and loves watching them play. He loves to chew everything and likes standing with the help of Mom or Dad.


Bodhi is in 3-6 months clothing and I've moved him to 6 months in some brands.


Bodhi is laughing more regularly, blowing bubbles, grabbing his toes, grabbing things with both hands.


I continue to have good days and bad days. I wish I had more time to work out as that really is a release for me, but all in all I am working on finding my balance. I decided to extend my maternity leave through June so we have a month to get Bodhi on a solid schedule and hopefully taking the bottle.

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