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Take the Guessing Out of Sleep with Huckleberry

Anyone who follows my Instastories knows I am obsessed with my children's sleep. When I got pregnant with Emerson I read several books on baby and infant sleep, the importance of sleep, why it matters to brain development, how to get your children on healthy schedules, how much sleep they need during a day, etc. That obsession carried over into every stage of their development, and I am an avid tracker of their sleep patterns and cycles. I admittedly can be too rigid with their sleep schedules and get thrown for loops whenever they skip naps or wake too early, but I've experienced how disruptions in sleep affect their moods and behaviors.

After Bodhi was born Emerson started experiencing some sleep regression and changes. I became worried about her bedtime being too late and wondering if the total amount of hours she was getting was enough for her. I turned to Huckleberry to hopefully provide me some answers on Emerson's sleep patterns and if we were abiding by toddler sleep norms.

Huckleberry offers a science based solution to sleep patterns. Developed by sleep experts, data scientists, and parents, Huckleberry learns about your sleep situation.​Huckleberry gives you an evidence-based program designed personally for your child and family that will change the way you sleep. Like other sleep trackers, you track your child's sleep for 3+ days on the app. In addition, you take an adaptive quiz to provide insight into your child age and development, milestones, and household needs (ie. when do you want to start the day, how often they eat, your routines, etc.). You submit both sets of data and it is analyzed by the Huckleberry team who in 24-48 hours delivers an easy-to-follow step-by-step plan that fits your family and your child's needs.

I was super impressed with our plan for Emerson. More than anything it was validating what we were experiencing was normal, and provided me guidance on the normal awake hours for a toddler at Emerson's age. Some things I learned:

  • For her age or 2 years, she should be getting about 12 hours a sleep a day.

  • Those 12 hours can be organized between 10.5-11.5 hours at night and 1-3 hours during the day.

  • For children who sleep in a crib, sleep consultants recommend keeping them in it until at least 3 years old.

  • At this age, most children need 5-6 hours of awake time in between sleep periods in order to be tired, but not too tired.

For anyone looking to get a quick sleep analysis or gut check I highly recommend Huckleberry. Be sure to check my IG stories as I will be partnering with them on a giveaway very soon!

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